Top 25 List Of Cheap $1 Dollar Web Hosting Companies

Top 25 List Of Cheap $1 Dollar Web Hosting Companies

When it comes to web hosting, you want to make sure that you are getting the best provider and the best value.  For those of you who are looking for cheap web hosting providers that start at $1 per hosting, here is a list of some of the best dollar web hosting providers shown below.  If you are also looking to create a blog network and want a way to get CHEAP ips, then you will also find that by hosting 1-2 websites per web host will allow you to do just this.  The list below can be used for many purposes whether you have purchased Authority sites or Ecommerce sites from us here at SEO Hamster, you will find ways where you can use this list to your advantage and host your network of blogs and websites.

Have you ever received this message below from your hosting company :

“Your account has been abusing CPU resources for an extended period of time and has been disabled in order to ensure continued performance stability of the account and server. While we do limit each account to no more than 25% of a system’s CPU in our terms of service, we do not actively disable accounts until they greatly exceed that number, which is what happened in this case.”

If you have and most likely if you have purchased our Authority sites and your sites start getting more traffic, you will soon learn that your websites are outgrowing their shared hosting plans.  Especially if you have more than 2-3 large authority sites in one shared hosting server, you will most likely experience these hosting pains.  It’s a good idea to start spreading out your websites in other web hosting services to help ease off the load, or to just simply buy a larger vps or dedicated server to handle all of your website’s loads.  This is entirely up to you but if you are experiencing these loads, I would highly recommend that you start to take a look at other cheap web hosting alternatives for your Authority sites so that you can improve the quality of your site.

HostGator Hosting For Only $.01 – CLICK HERE!

Dollar SEO Hosting – starts at $1 per month and $1 per c-class ip address

3ix – One of my favorite cheap hosting providers starting $1 per month

123 Systems - favorite web hosting starting at $4 per year!

Host Ripples – Starting at $1 per month for linux and $2 per month for windows hosting

Hobo Host – Cheap $1 per month host with 3,000 mb space

My True Host – Starts at $1 per month with unlimited bandwidth

Link Alone – Another $1 host with 1gb disk space

Hostica – Starts at $1 for only 1 website

Host So – $1 hosting with unlimited bandwidth and 20gb disk space

VPS Hosting Deal – Starts at $12 per year 1 core CPU and 20gb disk space

AI Cheap web Hosting – $1 per month web hosting and up to 100gb bandwidth

Host Bandit - Starts at $1 a month with a cute little doggy mascot!

Zetta Host - $1 web hosting provider with unlimited disk space and bandwidth

Host Budget - Starts at $1 with 1 gb disk space

1 dollar Hosting – Cheapest host yet starting at $.50 per month

Hosting Dude – They still have their old 1970′s design! Starts at $1 per month hosting

Level Hosting – Offer plans from $35.70 a year or $2.98 a month (use coupon code “wht50life”)

Stable host – Offer plans starting at $3.95 per month (use coupon code “US-WHT2012-25″ for 25% OFF For Life or “WHTLOVE” for 50% Off your first invoice)

Eleven 2 – plans starting at $59.40 a year (use coupon code “wht40off” for 40% off)

Geek Storage – plans starting at $7.99 a month (use coupon code “30OFF4LIFE” for 30% off for life)

Cirtex Hosting – starting at $2.49 per month with unlimited storage and bandwidth (use coupon “forum” for 50% off)

Hawk Host – Starting at $20 annually (coupon code “whts50v2″ for 50% off your first payment)

Shark Space – Starting at $2.47 per month (use coupon “50offlife” for a 50% discount for life)

Always Web Hosting – starting at $6.95 (use coupon code “happynewyear” for 90% off)

Ninja Lion – plans starting at $29.50 per year (use coupon “launch” to get 50% off for life)

HostGator Hosting For Only $.01 – CLICK HERE!


  1. I am using and hosted a number of sites with them. I am using from last 1 year and have very good response time on every query i ever asked them. They are very friendly in support and shifting my site from other hosting company with no cost. The good thing is that i have 1 GB space for my every site and unlimited bandwidth.

  2. MyTrueHost is awesome… I have reseller account as well as 5 shared account… I did not got any downtime and my friends are using mytruehost too… I mostly like MyTrueHost support… they resolve all issues on Livechat so I recommend anyone to $1hosting

  3. I've tried a few of them, then landed to, i would say it was the best move i've did, a stable and reliable host with amazing & solid support for any issue; i moved all my domains to there and advised other clients that i deal with to move there.

  4. For me, the most important factor in choosing a hostripples is their cheap hosting plans. has excellent support. When I bought the hosting, I was a newcomer to the concept. All I need to set up and do your job site is provided I visited their conversation 10-15 times a day, always accepting new questions. Their support service has always been good and attentive. They deal with problems and fix them. All I know now, thanks to the helpful support I would suggest everyone to go to

  5. i have been with hostripples from last 11 months and i hardly had downtime . There server security is also good . Love the support they had given me when i was in trouble . Highly recommended .

  6. MYTRUEHOST, EXCELLENT service. I got a reseller account and works perfect. No problem at all and If i have a question, it's answered at the moment. I tried several hosting companies and I'm glad I found MYTRUEHOST.

    Is an excellent server, excellent technical assistance and and they have a very cheap price. I recommend!

  8. I have been using Waxspace Hosting from last 3 months Starter Plan, I like their service, support, specially their cPanel features I am new to hosting and looking forward to host more with Waxspace – Web Hosting Company. Thank you

  9. sir i not reconmend mytruehost is bad service my payment not refund still last 4 month i wait and i not statisfied on it

  10. sir i not reconmend mytruehost is bad service my payment not refund still last 4 month i wait and i not statisfied on it

  11. Mytruehost totaly wrong commitment of our customer not support on his website any time money back i refund after 1 days he decuct 50 percent amount and also this amount still pending not recived on my account totaly fraud


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